Location: 2783 Abbott Street, Kelowna
Process: Rezoning to the RM3 - Multiple Residential Zone; Comprehensive Development Permit and Developent Variance Permit.
Client: AJ Wiens
Designer: IHS Design (Chris Vickery)


This development required all our services to bring the project to approval by Kelowna City Council. The result is a 6 unit residential project that will blend sensitively into the existing establish fabric of the neighbourhood.

The parcel is located within the Pandosy towncentre and had the future land use designation for multiple residential development. The builder/developer wanted to ensure that the building blending into the exisiting fabric of the neighbourhood and be unique and luxurious.

A Development Variance Permit was required to the site coverage to allow for larger garages off the lane. City of Kelowna Council applauded the developer in seeking the variance to create space for storage and vehicle parking even for a pickup truck.

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